Philippine Islands Reports

piReports is a news platform on current events, science and technology.

pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter: 3.141592653.

Philippine Islands Reports (piReports) is a news platform for multi-faceted reporting. 

Like the mathematical constant (“for all circles of any size, pi will be the same”), piReports is consistent with evidence-based reporting. It is data journalism. It is science-based journalism.

It is slow news in a fast-lane, reporting about timeless issues that remain relevant beyond current events.

It is reporting about news and issues in ways that empower the individual and the community to make informed decisions on matters that are relevant to society.

piReports was developed with the generous technical assistance of the Department of Science and Technology, Eastern Visayas Regional Office.

It maintains an independent editorial policy.

piReports is a not-for-profit news platform that believes in the free flow of information.

Its articles may be republished online by news media outlets or nonprofits provided that piReports must be credited prominently that the story was originally published by

The article cannot be edited except for style and grammar and cannot be resold or granted republishing rights in any form. The articles can be used individually. However, they cannot be republished wholesale and automatically.

Republication of photos, images and graphics is not allowed. must be informed when articles have been republished. Send information to (Subject Matter: pireports republished).

Philippine Islands Reports is a member (inactive) of the Philippine Press Institute, the association of national newspapers.

Paul M. Icamina, Founder and Editor in Chief